The .22 target pistol market needed an update so KelTec answered the call with the CP33. CP stands for Competition Pistol and 33. It holds a staggering 33 rounds in each magazine right out of the box. FEATURES: Threaded Barrel; Railed Top for Optics Mounting; Ambidextrous Controls; Fiber Optic Sights ACCESSORIES: 1 Mag FINISH: BLACK

UPC 640832007756
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 33+1 ROUNDS
Barrel Length 5.5″ BARREL
Weight 1.5 LBS.

keltec cp33

Keltec cp33 , The .22 Long Rifle  is the most common cartridge in the world. Firstly, Used for over a century to train people in marksmanship worldwide. Secondly, the cartridge retains many features from the 1800s, most notably . Thirdly, it’s large, protruding rim, which also contains its priming compound. Further, this rim limits its capacity in most designs, as most are single-stacked at a relatively steep feed angle. Moreover, inate “rim lock,” the phenomenon where the rim of a round catches on the rim of a round under it.  Also, preventing feeding and generally jamming up a gun.


kel-tec cp33


Firstly, As a result, most .22LR handguns have a lower capacity than similarly sized 9 millimeters, despite the round itself being smaller. Secondly, But Kel-Tec came out with CP-33, it bucked convention by making a .22LR pistol that utilizes a casket magazine design to get far greater capacity than most of its competitors, thirty-three rounds flush and fifty with an extension.  Thirdly, But how did Kel-Tec engineer such a design.


keltec cp33 review


Some may credit some of Kel-Tec’s CP-33 magazine design to their earlier design work on the PMR-30 magazine.  Which also features high capacity with a .22 rimmed cartridge. But the designs are actually fairly different. Due to the larger nature of the .22 Magnum cartridge in the PMR-30, stacking them in four “columns” is rather infeasible, so the PMR-30 utilizes a double-stack design. The rims are keet separate and prevent from rim locking with cartridges.  on the opposite side of the stack via a plastic lip that runs down the center of the magazine.  while the noses of the cartridges are keep in two separate channels to ensure proper feed geometry. At the top of the magazine, the cartridges are present in a double-feed manner. To sum,  feeding from both the left and right stack alternative.


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